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For Mothers to be, a precious yet daunting time, where the joyful changes occuring in your body and mind place challenges on the simplest tasks, not least of which is your wardrobe. We're here to help you with your maternity and motherhood clothing choices and share some insights in how to make the best of your wardrobe of maternity clothing to make you blossom and bloom.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Motherhood Maternity Questions answered.

To show or not to show, that is the question??

Where as before it was your breasts that he looked at - well know its your bump. So what to do?

Well there are three schools of thought:

The Posh Maternity fashion look - let it all hang out, show and be proud.

The Annabel Maternity look - Show, but do it discreetly.


The Victoria Pregnant look - Hide it and deal with the comments about your weight increase and your new sense of fashion MuMu's - Nana Mouskouri eat your heart out!

Your choice is entirely your decision but Remember to rub your bump liberally every night with wheatgerm oil or you'll end up with a belly looking like the surface of mars - canals and all.
Children change your life in wonderful way and it starts with your body: lump to bulge, bulge to bump and then bump into baby. And then the fun starts. BUT in that 9 months your body has changed more than you can ever imagine: boobs, bums, and belly all grow in a wonderful but sometimes alarming manner.

Does my Bum look big in this? Becomes.....does my BUMp look big in this?

Sex becomes...errr... interesting - to say the least, Karma..who???

Eating becomes a pleasure - cos your eating for two and mmmm thats good (cream cakes, pastries, maybe chocolate - definately Chocolate ...droool)


Yes there is a but....

My panties dont fit, my bra's are bursting and my million dollar look jeans are .. well lets say they will have to wait.

With everything else thats going on in your life - this is not the time for your wardrobe to become a no go zone.

BUT - it does and despite the millions of women worldwide experiencing the same thing - all your favourite designers have a distinct blind spot when it comes to the curvaceousness of maternity.

The amazing lack of choice of maternity clothes is up there with the great why's of this world

Why do tear here signs, never tear here?

Why do zips get stuck on your first date?

Why do I come on when I'm wearing white jeans?

Why are there so few maternity clothes shops???

From many years of experience we've concluded its all to do with the bottom line - you got it - wonga, dirty luka, coin - money!!!

"OK - but that doesnt help me", I hear you ask.

Your right it wont - but this will.

Ive had four children the youngest is 6 months - with my first, my husband took me to Formes and spent a fortune on clothes - less so with the second, not so with the third and yeah - nada, zilch with the fourth.

But I always had lovely maternity clothes.

How you ask???

All will be revealed soon.